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Two-person fishing boat that you car top and paddle easily by yourself

Checkout Wavewalk’s upcoming 700 series (available starting in July) –



The W700 boat is offered in several models and color combinations: Sand and Green tandem fishing kayak 640


Microskiff in white with Spray Shield 640


Yellow and Orange tandem fishing kayak top-view 640

Motorboat, microskiff and kayak / canoe

This new type of dual use kayak and motorboat can be outfitted with a 5 HP at the rear outboard and a lightweight electric trolling motor in the front – A perfect solution for launching and beaching anywhere, and fishing in all types of water, including shallows, flats and offshore, and for going on long fishing and camping trips.

You can also paddle it effectively (it’s just 31″ wide) in a kayak style (dual blade paddles) or canoeing style (single blade paddles), seated and standing, and it’s ideal for poling in shallow waters.

The 580 lbs recommended load capacity and spacious 7’8″ long cockpit assure that you’d be able to take on board any gear you want, and a fishing buddy.

And there’s much more useful innovation coming with the new Wavewalk 700 series –

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